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It's absolutely safe, ethical and positive.

A simple, non-intrusive SELF-ESTEEM and behavior change process for children



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What is the 

Goulding Process of

SleepTalk® for Children

Easy to learn and can last a lifetime
Parents give a 2-3 min/night "GIFT"!

How to get INVOLVED

"SleepTalk is an invaluable aid for families and therapists in improving family attitudes and intimacy, the program is easily and unobstrusively implemented​​ and can readily adapted to suit all children and family contexts".  

~  Dr Janet Hall, Psychologist

- Builds Self-Esteem      - Improved Behavior

- Anxiety, Stress or Trauma.              - ADHD

- Study & Focus Skills           -- Health Issues

- Confidence                          - Sibling Rivalry  

- Nail Biting                                - Bedwetting    

- Children with Special Needs Programs