In gratitude to Michelle…

Joane Goulding developed the Goulding SleepTalk® process when her daughter, Michelle, was a small child. Michelle had severe intellectual and physical disabilities, and Joane was advised by “experts” to leave her in Kew Cottages (a large Melbourne institution for people with disabilities, now closed) and forget about her. As far as Joane and her late husband Jim were concerned, this just wasn’t an option. But what were they to do to enable Michelle to enjoy the most happy and positive life possible? Nothing existed! Before Joane had researched and created the Goulding SleepTalk® process, Michelle had become an aggressive, angry person and very difficult for the family to live with.

The strategies Joane applied, day after day, over many months that created changed behaviours are described fully in Joane’s book, SleepTalk®. The results, though not quick, were simply astounding. Today, Michelle is in her forties, married and though she still has an IQ of around 45, she attends a local TAFE College (Technical and Further Education), manages her own home, and she and her husband save their hard-earned income to take regular holidays in Australia and overseas. For Michelle, every day is a happy day, and she always does her best.

Since those challenging days, Joane has refined, improved and taught the Goulding SleepTalk® process, and thousands of families have experienced the joy of happy, confident children who are making the most of their lives, where there had been shy, anxious, aggressive and sad.

This 6 month Program includes assessments, foundation processes, individualizing protocols per child based on their growth, feedback and consultant support.   

Let me help to create a happy child with increasing self-esteem yielding  a balanced, loving family environment for all.     

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